This is exactly what we are striving for in medical supplies

With over 20 years of experience in as a Medical Device Technologist as a foundation to my copywriting skills I am uniquely qualified to help your company create the documents proving your expertise.  I am always learning new techniques through ongoing education.  My continuing personal development can be your Ace in the hole.  Here at Copywriter Ace I am fully committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for any wordsmithing you need.

Your marketing people strategize the campaigns, your designers create the look and Copywriter Ace is fully capable of providing the words.

B2B Copywriter • Medical Device Specialist


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The most important thing is to define your goals


What Really Matters

Would you like a worry free copy?

Wouldn't we all? Copywriter Ace understands that pitching a sale is uncertain, especially in today's economy. Finally, you can have the Copy that will connect your product to the clients needs without the worry of how this presentation is going to impress the buyers. Copywriter Ace is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your future development of client / company relationship. Not just for today but for a long time.

Educate your Client 

Be proactive!  Teaching helps prospects become customers.  Educate your clients and position your company as the expert in your space.

You need suitable educational material to guide your client from problem identification, to solutions, to 
the sale and beyond.  As a trusted problem solving expert your client will return to you again and again.

Copywriter Ace creates the copy that converts prospects into life-long customers.  Press releases, white papers, case studies, product information, web sites and email strings are all proven methods to guide a client to that ultimate buying decision – and to keep on buying.

As a seasoned professional Biomedical Engineering Technologist I am tuned into the Medical Device market and understand how to reach the purchasing audience, My training through AWAI and commitment to honing my craft permits me to leverage my extensive trade experience to produce pertinent material for both the public and private marketplace

Here at Copywriter Ace, Joe wants you to rest assured that in his hands your copy will inform your clients regardless of their background. It will prove successfully and often exceeded all expectation.