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Your major benefit is that you save time explaining the concepts and workings of your device and how it fits into the Medical marketplace. I am the copywriter that "gets it" thanks to 20 years on the front lines. Bottom line is I can help!

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B2B Copywriter • Medical Device Specialist


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• You can save the time and effort of lengthy explanations to writers unfamiliar with the healthcare market. My frontline experience means that I am in a position to craft solid copy that delivers results.

• If you have new product rollouts or special projects in the queue and don't want to overwhelm your in house writers, I can help.

Or, if you have foregone the luxury of in house copywriters and need help with sales or educatioal writng projects, I can help

Whatever the reason, if you have a need for content, sales material, web copy or an email series,

I can help!

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Medical Device Specialist



As a seasoned professional Biomedical Engineering Technologist I am tuned into the Medical Device market and understand how to reach the purchasing audience. 
My training through AWAI and commitment to honing my craft, permits me to leverage my extensive trade experience to produce pertinent material for both the public and private marketplace.