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Copywriter Ace can provide much of the copy you need to complete a successful promotion.  From digital formats to print, my expertise in the medical equipment space provides the foundation for your campaign.

Most white papers in this area are created and published by medical professionals, but that does not preclude an opportunity to create one of a technical nature if you believe it will enhance your industry standing.  Along with case studies, peer reviewed articles, technology research and future trend studies you can build a formidable platform that spotlights your expertise.

Keep your company top of the prospect’s mind using the digital realm.  Company newsletters and blogs provide a continuous stream of pertinent information easily accessible by your prospects, both those you are wooing and those already converted. For those who are already customers an informative email string solidifies your expert position.

Your web presence is crucial in today’s business world.  Web designers are great at what they do but the heart of a successful web page are the words.  Copywriter Ace is your go to source for the copy that converts prospects to customers.

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